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Psychology Associates of Brevard

Information about NEW Tele-Health Services

During the current COVID19 pandemic, per new regulations and permissions allowed by most insurance companies, our medication and therapy providers have changed to providing tele-health to keep you and your loved ones safe while continuing to provide support and access to care. Please keep in mind that ultimately reimbursement for tele-health is at the discretion of your individual insurance plan. 

In a field where we, as providers, and you, as patients, are familiar with sitting in a room across from each other, this has been a change in an already shifting world; a world which has changed very quickly for all of us in many ways. Families are using Zoom for weekly family dinners. Friends are having coffee dates over FaceTime. Children and parents are getting creative about playdates and schooling. And now, you're meeting your therapist or psychiatric provider, sometimes for the first time, on your phone or tablet.

We understand that this is a time of extreme transition and may bring up anxiety or stress. It can be especially helpful in this time to have a place where you can reach out and receive support by professionals who are there for you. Whether you have had therapy in the past, or are new to therapy, the shift to tele-health allows us to meet with you, essentially, in your living room. Most patients describe it as being the same as when you watch a movie, and at some point you become immersed in the show and forget that you are looking at a screen. We hope the links below are helpful for those of you who may have questions about starting and/or continuing therapy or medication management through tele-health.

So find somewhere comfortable, pour a cup of coffee or tea, sit down, and welcome to Telehealth with Psychology Associates of Brevard.

Provider Specialties and Services

At Psychology Associates of Brevard, we provide personalized psychiatric and psychological services. The diversity of our multidisciplinary team provides you the convenience of comprehensive and complete services in one location. 

​We offer:

Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy
Psychiatric Evaluation
Medication Management
Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessments
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Community Outreach/Presentations

Our providers specialize in assessment and treatment for:

Anxiety Disorders
Depression, Adjustment Disorder
Posttraumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)
Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Bipolar Disorder, Mood Disorders
Postpartum and peripartum depression and anxiety
​Autism Spectrum Disorders
Behavior Disorders (Children and Adolescents)
Marital Maladjustment
Relationship Problems
Substance Abuse or Dependence
Memory Dysfunction
Eating Disorders
Chronic Pain Syndromes
Parenting Skills
Specific Learning Disabilities
Sexual Dysfunction
Women's Issues